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The Bio-Inspired Design (BID) Community promotes the practical application of bio-inspired design, emphasizing the ‘challenge to biology’ approach.  The objective is to foster more effective and efficient methods for developing solutions based on natural principles.  The goal is to encourage the conscious application of principles that support and promote solutions facilitating sustainable human behavior and leading to successful products, services and systems initiatives.

Members of the community include current practitioners in the field of bio-inspired design; aspiring practitioners (the 'next wave'); facilitators; and people knowledgeable in human history, psychology and cognition.  The community will help build bridges between disciplines and act as a hub for collecting and broadcasting BID information, knowledge and expertise in three key areas:

  • motivation to apply BID by demonstrating its value in various contexts
  • development of tools, methods and approaches supporting the effective and efficient use of BID
  • expanded opportunities to apply BID through sharing successes, identifying trends and encouraging collaboration

A substantial amount of material is available to anyone but only registered website users can create and rate content or post comments.  A quarterly membership fee for individuals will support this website, the quarterly newsletter and future services.  Paid-up members have first access to newsletters and member-only content.  Sign up using the Become a Member link in the right sidebar.  The graphic on the right will be updated periodically to show progress towards our 100-member goal.

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Announcing the Tenth Issue of Zygote Quarterly

Welcome to the tenth issue of Zygote Quarterly.  Articles include:

Please pass this message to others who might be interested, participate in our LinkedIn group, contact us through the website (right side of the footer) and join us on this path of discovery.  We encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list via the website to ensure you receive timely notification of new issues.

March 2014 Newsletter Now Available

The March issue is available at  The newsletter can be read online by clicking on the article titles.

Thanks to everyone who contributed! Comments welcome through the website or the Contact Us link at the bottom of every page.

B3D Workshop Initiative

Imagine a world in which scientists, engineers, designers, artisans and organizational specialists could leverage a shared body of knowledge and processes derived from empirical research on natural systems.  In such a future world, designers would not only have access to novel solutions and solution pathways to practical problems, but would also be encouraged to contribute solutions to the far-reaching social, economic and environmental challenges we face.

But how could we create such a world?  What are the key barriers today?  Who needs to be involved?  What are the next steps?  The attached article by the BID Community Think Tank explores the current landscape of design inspired by nature and proposes developing a common ground based on a preliminary set of characteristics.  As the acknowledgements in the article indicate, it has already received broad support from a wide range of reviewers.

The next step is planning one or more workshops to build a consensus and turn the characteristics in a set of actions.  The goal is to collectively learn more (verified information, validated methods, deeper insights) and do more (greater confidence to act, more opportunities to make a difference), increasing the vitality and credibility of our emerging field.  If you want to be part of this journey, please contact us at

b3d [at] sinet [dot] ca

Norbert Hoeller, Ashok Goel, Catalina Freixas, Randall Anway, Antony Upward, Filippo Salustri, Janice McDougall and Kamelia Miteva

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