Biomival Project Presentation

Biomival Project: complex solutions through innovative, low-cost methods.

The video clip referenced above (in Spanish with English subtitles available by clicking on the CC button below the progress bar) describes the approach and business model of the Biomival organization located in Valencia.  The clip also mentions the bidirectional turbine (Spanish) inspired by the beak of the flamingo (see AskNature for a brief description in English).

Biomimicry in Industrial Design for Sustainability, An Integrated Teaching-and-Learning Method

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As part of his 2009 doctoral thesis at the Graduate School of Design Research, Kobe Design University, Carlos Alberto Montana Hoyos explored ways to "... develop, test, evaluate and refine an integrative and cross-disciplinary teaching method for DfS [Design for Sustainability] applicable to undergraduate ID Education. This method is based on the integrated study of nature, human society and design.  It focuses on the use of biomimicry, combined with ecodesign tools and theories of human needs analysis."  Attached is a summary of his thesis.

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Biomimicry Chicago

Our Mission

learning from nature, cross-pollinating innovative ideas, inspiring locally attuned design, and accelerating the path to a more sustainable Chicago

About Us

  • Lindsay James, Director of Sustainability, Interface
  • Amy Coffman Phillips, Founder, The B-Collaborative
  • Colin Rohlfing, Sustainable Design Leader, Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum Inc.
  • Peter Nicholson, Executive Director, Foresight Design Initiative

What is a physicist doing in the jungle?: Ille Gebeshuber

Ille Gebeshuber got interested in how we can address global challenges through the Alpbach Conference.  As shown by the work of the Millennium project, the top fifteen challenges are highly interconnected.  We need to combine our specialized/linear ways of thinking with the generalist/holistic Aristotelian approach that integrates knowledge across fields and cultures.  Ille has being running courses in the Indonesia rain forest helping students representing a broad range of disciplines to gain a deeper understanding of how things are connected in nature.  Her talk includes several examples of structural color, the slime mold life cycle, beetle-inspired robots and bio-mineralization of glass in water.

Biomimicry Oregon

See also their Facebook page which contains additional and more dynamic content.


Inspiring innovation in Oregon by emulating nature’s genius.


Biomimicry Oregon seeds life-friendly innovation by inspiring people to put nature’s genius to work in organizations by:

  • connecting people from all sectors with biomimicry resources and each other,
  • increasing awareness of the value and practice of biomimicry, and;
  • catalyzing projects and celebrating successes.

Biomimicry Resource Handbook

For those of you who have not yet ordered, we are thrilled to announce that the Biomimicry Resource Handbook: A Seed Bank of Knowledge and Best Practices (2013) is now being made available to the general public for purchase.

Originally created as the reference textbook for our Biomimicry Professional and Specialist Certificate Programs, this comprehensive and truly definitive Handbook on biomimicry is now available for both students and professionals alike.

Biomimicry Germany

Our vision is to create a resilient, adaptive, and thriving economy inspired by nature’s best strategies and based on nature's best practices. Biomimicry means applying nature's wisdom as a guiding framework for a cultural shift towards sustainable living. We go beyond the mere opportunity for novel solutions. We are committed to a holistic ideation & development process that challenges and disrupts conservative approaches and successfully innovates and transforms our society sustainably.

Biomimicry Ontario

Biomimicry Ontario is:

A platform for anyone engaged in, or interested in sustainable, critical action inspired by nature.

This platform can be used to:

  • share ideas and inspiration
  • call for support and resources
  • educate and inform
  • create an engaged community through biomimicry

2013 Biomimicry Youth Challenge

The Biomimicry Youth Challenge (BYC) is an international design challenge for children from Pre-Kindergarten through High School. The Challenge asks educators to help children learn from nature how to create more sustainable designs.

The goal of the Biomimicry Youth Challenge is to provide a fun and transformative opportunity for teachers, parents/guardians, and students to learn about biomimicry. With that knowledge, they can explore the practice of biomimicry as both a design tool and a new way of viewing the natural and human-built worlds. The challenge is also designed to reconnect young people with the natural world around them.

Great Lakes Biomimicry

Great Lakes Biomimicry was founded in July, 2010 and has developed a wide range of service partners in support of its mission to "use its creatively assembled and diverse group of partners to develop a place-based, living, learning laboratory system and culture, based on biomimicry, which is unique not only in the United States, but worldwide."  Five working groups have been formed:

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