J Robin Berry Design

Jennifer is an ecologist consulting architects and other designers.  She has been consciously trying to work with local resources while minimizing the impact on the local ecology.  In addition to checking out her portofolio and stunning photographs, have a look at her Green My Planet   weblog.

IBE: Biomimicry Workshop 2008 - OpenWetWare

This Wiki includes three of the biomimicry presentations at the 2008 IBE conference (held March 6-9 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina).  A article on Peter Fiske's presentation was published in the June 2008 BioInspired! Newsletter.  An article based on Nick Beck's presentation is planed for the November issue.

HowStuffWorks "How Biomimicry Works"

A good summary of biomimicry with a number of examples and references.  Sections include:

PAX Scientific - Extracting the Mathematics of Nature

This post provides background and links to Jay Harman's PAX Scientific and the PAX family of companies. 

Additional information about PAX Scientific can be found in the June 2008 (Peter Fiske, biomimetic design in fluid handling) and the March 2006 (The PAX Streamlining Principle) BioInspired! Newsletters.

Research in Germany: Germany: Europe's leader in science

The site includes references to a large number of projects, including biotechnology (including plant genome research and bioplastics), the environment and renewable energyHealth and Safety includes a project to create autonomous firefighting beetles based on the form of the pill millipede, using infrared and biosensors to discover fires. 

webcast.berkeley | Courses | Schedule

Berkeley has made available a wide range of lectures as webcasts and/or podcasts.  Of interest to this group are the General Biology (1A, 1B) and General Biology Lab materials. 

Thanks to Curt McNamara for the pointer!

Welcome to The Pax Group

PaxGroup is an engineering company headed up by Paul Hawken that has licensed the PAX Scientific technologies for moving air.  Currently, three companies comprise PaxGroup:

  • PaxFan (appliance, refrigeration, process and heating/ventilation/air conditioning)

PaxIT (information technology, medical and telecom)

PaxAuto (automative and transportation)

Young Naturalists - Minnesota Conservation Volunteer: Minnesota DNR

This site contains a wealth of material on a broad range of topics, suited for people without a biology background.  For example, the 'Plants' section has articles on how plants grow and color change, while the 'Curiosities' section has articles on Wild Engineers and Wild Vision.  Many of the articles come with teachers guides. 

Thanks to Curt McNamara for the pointer!

Bio-X Stanford University

In early 1998, a group of Stanford faculty led by James Spudich developed the concept of an interdisciplinary research and teaching program in bio-engineering, bio-medicine and bio-sciences.  In September 1998, a formal planning committee was creating spanning Humanities and Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Earth Sciences and Law.

PAX Water Technologies

PAX Water Technologies, Inc. is a subsidiary of PAX Scientific, applying the PAX streamlining principle in water and wastewater treatment.  The website explains the challenges of maintaining water quality in large reservoirs, due to stratification.  The PAX impeller can efficiently mix up to 5 million gallons of water, using significantly less energy than traditional methods: a 200W system reduced temperature stratification of a 4 million gallon reservoir from 4 degrees C to 0.7 degrees C. 

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