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Biomimicry Student Design Challenge: Round 1 Winners

Round 1 Winners

First Prize
Nature-inspired Removal of Air-Entrained Water, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, CA

Second Prize
Time Capsule, Artesis University College Antwerp, Antwerp,...

2013/02/22 - 09:58 competition, design, water
Biomimicry Taxonomy

The Taxonomy is a classification system we developed to organize biological strategies by the functions they serve, such as: How does nature store water? Save energy? Protect from impact? We...

2017/03/30 - 17:41 AskNature, biomimicry, taxonomy
Biomimicry UK

Biomimicry UK is as a collaborative platform to provide nature-based solutions to understand and solve the challenges we are facing in the 21st century.


2014/11/14 - 15:08 biomimicry, network, UK
Biomimicry UK "Behind the Science: YouTube Channel

Starting in November, we will be interviewing innovators, academics and thought leaders behind the research and development of some of the leading innovations in the field.

First up is...

2017/12/04 - 16:26 biomimicry, innovation, science, YouTube
Biomimicry UK Resources

Richard MacCowan has been sending out a number of good articles via his mailing list - an archive is available at

2019/10/22 - 13:16 Biomimicry UK, circular economy, cities, climate change, food systems, systems

An extensive post from 2004 on the history of biomimicry/biomimetics.  Sean Kennedy explores the research into spider silk as well as robotics based on cockroaches.  The post includes a number of references.

Thanks to...

2008/08/26 - 18:44 websites
Biomimicry: Biology inspires innovation

At this Hot Topics event, our specialist panel - Rob Kesseler, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, Alex Parfitt, BAE Systems, Denise DeLuca, Swedish Biomimetics 3000 and panel chair Will Pearson, Director of Technology, Ravensbourne - debated how ideas flow from...

2012/07/09 - 11:07 biomimicry, design, innovation, Lotusan, PAX Streamling Principle, Swedish Biomimetics 3000, Wyss Institute

Imagine a city mentored by nature's genius. We are a regional network of individuals from all industries, sectors and backgrounds, dedicated to creating and fostering a community of nature-inspired practice in the NY Metro region.

2012/10/10 - 14:33 biomimicry, network, New York

As a regional hub of The Biomimicry Group, biomimicrySA promotes the study and imitation of nature’s remarkably efficient designs, bringing together...

2012/07/14 - 14:05 biomimicry, regional hub, South Africe
Biomival Project Presentation

Biomival Project: complex solutions through innovative, low-cost methods.

The video clip referenced above (in Spanish with English subtitles available by clicking on the CC button below the progress bar) describes the approach and business model of the Biomival...

2014/07/13 - 17:43 biomimicry, CleanTech, Hidraulics, innovation, Magnetic Resonances, problems solving, Spain