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Northeast Green Building Consulting

Kevin and Josh stack are ecological builders.  The site includes articles on

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J Robin Berry Design

Jennifer is an ecologist consulting architects and other designers.  She has been consciously trying to work with local resources while minimizing the impact on the local ecology.  In addition to checking out her portofolio and stunning photographs, have a look at her...

2008/08/01 - 14:21 websites

I recently received the following e-mail from OpenWetWare, the collaboration site used by the Institute for Biological Engineering.  The Lab Notebook is based on MediaWiki, the platform for Wikipedia.  Although there is a learning curve, it is relatively easy to...

2008/08/01 - 14:19 collaboration
IBE: Biomimicry Workshop 2008 - OpenWetWare

This Wiki includes three of the biomimicry presentations at the 2008 IBE conference (held March 6-9 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina).  A article on Peter Fiske's presentation was published in the June 2008 ...

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HowStuffWorks "How Biomimicry Works"

A good summary of biomimicry with a number of examples and references.  Sections include:

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PAX Scientific - Extracting the Mathematics of Nature

This post provides background and links to Jay Harman's PAX Scientific and the PAX family of companies. 

Additional information about PAX Scientific can be found in the June 2008 (Peter Fiske, biomimetic design in fluid handling) and...

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Dr. Darren Bagnall (Southampton University)

"Dr. Darren Bagnall is a senior lecturer in Microelectronics in the Nanoscale Systems Integration Group of the School of Electronics and Computer Science at Southampton University.

With a team of three Post-Docs and eight PhD...

2008/07/31 - 17:02 research
Entrepreneurs of the Natural World Showcase Their Groundbreaking Solutions to the Environmental Challenges of the 21st Century (UNEP)
2008/07/29 - 12:20 books, databases
BioInspire Magazine

"BioInspire was a monthly publication founded by John Mlade while at Colorado State University to address the interface of human design, nature and technology.  Each month, a leader in the field contributed...

2008/07/02 - 21:56 articles
Research in Germany: Germany: Europe's leader in science

The site includes references to a large number of projects, including biotechnology (including plant genome research and bioplastics), the...

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