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Bio-Inspired Technologies: Prof. Christofer Toumazou

This article in Ingenia, December 2008, (37), 20-26, discusses the work of Professor Christofer Toumazou, founder of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College London.  The Institute has brought together scientists, medical researchers, clinicians and engineers to drive major...

2009/01/21 - 14:46 articles, institutes
Bio-X Stanford University

In early 1998, a group of Stanford faculty led by James Spudich developed the concept of an interdisciplinary research and teaching program in bio-engineering, bio-medicine and bio-sciences.  In September 1998, a formal planning committee was creating spanning Humanities and Sciences,...

2006/10/12 - 13:24 websites
Biodiseño. Biologia y Diseño

An attempt to provide a method for the extraction of biological principles to designers, from a Biologist (with master's degree in Industrial design) point of view.


2013/04/22 - 16:33
BioHarmonious Game

Art Works for Change's first...

2013/01/18 - 13:23 balance, game
Bioinspiration & Biomimetics

This is a new journal published by the Institute of Physics.  Access is free until the end of 2006.  The first issue includes:

2006/05/24 - 12:46 journals
Bioinspiration In Business And Management: Innovating For Sustainability

2018/02/08 ​attached introduction and table of contents

Congratulations to Taryn Mead...

2018/01/06 - 20:01 bioinspiration, business, sustainability
BioInspire Magazine

"BioInspire was a monthly publication founded by John Mlade while at Colorado State University to address the interface of human design, nature and technology.  Each month, a leader in the field contributed...

2008/07/02 - 21:56 articles
BioInspired Ink

Tamsin Woolley-Barker's blog is "A collection of observations, news, events, and views relating to Biomimicry and Bioinspiration.
Nature shows us how 3.8 billion years of evolution can inspire brilliant business innovation, efficient industrial design, eminently livable architecture,...

2012/11/16 - 17:44 blog
BIOKON - Bionics Competence Network

"The Bionics Competence Network BIOKON is an association of the most important research groups in the field of bionics in Germany.

The Bionics Competence Network (BIOKON) hosts the 28 major players in the field...
2009/01/19 - 10:23 websites
Biological Propulsion Laboratory (Caltech)

The Biological Propulsion Laboratory, directed by Professor John Dabiri, examines the mechanics and dynamics of biological propulsion, which is broadly defined to include the transport of fluid...

2014/05/17 - 15:28 Caltech, lab, propulsion