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An extensive post from 2004 on the history of biomimicry/biomimetics.  Sean Kennedy explores the research into spider silk as well as robotics based on cockroaches.  The post includes a number of references.

Thanks to...

2008/08/26 - 18:44 websites
Stanford Biomimetics and Dexterous Manipulation Lab/RiSE Project

The Robotics in Scansorial Environments (RSE) project "is a collaboration among researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, U.C. Berkeley, Lewis & Clark University and Boston Dynamics Inc. to develop an agile climbing robot based on principles...

2008/08/23 - 12:54 research
First look at vast 'book of life'

"The first 30,000 pages have been unveiled of a vast encyclopedia which aims to catalogue every one of our planet's 1.8 million species.  The immense online resource is designed to greatly enhance our understanding of the world's diminishing biodiversity."

2008/08/20 - 13:58 databases, websites
Human Health Depends on Biodiversity | Greenr - Accelerate the Change!

"One of the key things that attracted me to the field of biomimicry was that it showed in very clear terms the value of protecting biodiversity.

Variety isn’t just the spice of life…it’s...

2008/08/15 - 12:29 books
Northeast Green Building Consulting

Kevin and Josh stack are ecological builders.  The site includes articles on

2008/08/01 - 21:10 websites
J Robin Berry Design

Jennifer is an ecologist consulting architects and other designers.  She has been consciously trying to work with local resources while minimizing the impact on the local ecology.  In addition to checking out her portofolio and stunning photographs, have a look at her...

2008/08/01 - 13:21 websites

I recently received the following e-mail from OpenWetWare, the collaboration site used by the Institute for Biological Engineering.  The Lab Notebook is based on MediaWiki, the platform for Wikipedia.  Although there is a learning curve, it is relatively easy to...

2008/08/01 - 13:19 collaboration
IBE: Biomimicry Workshop 2008 - OpenWetWare

This Wiki includes three of the biomimicry presentations at the 2008 IBE conference (held March 6-9 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina).  A article on Peter Fiske's presentation was published in the June 2008 ...

2008/08/01 - 12:24 websites
HowStuffWorks "How Biomimicry Works"

A good summary of biomimicry with a number of examples and references.  Sections include:

2008/08/01 - 11:28 websites
PAX Scientific - Extracting the Mathematics of Nature

This post provides background and links to Jay Harman's PAX Scientific and the PAX family of companies. 

Additional information about PAX Scientific can be found in the June 2008 (Peter Fiske, biomimetic design in fluid handling) and...

2008/07/31 - 22:39 websites