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Capgemini workshop

Thu, 2021/09/02 - 02:23

Biomimicry Innovation Lab is honoured to be part of the internal training programme at Capgemini. Alongside Frog, idean, Burge Hughes Walsh, and Zukuenfte, we developed a curriculum that introduces the Capgemini team to a series of innovative mindsets and methodologies. In particular, we are bringing the perspectives and strategies in biomimicry and biodesign that enables people to be inspired and work with nature through a series of talks and creative sessions. 

The world of biomimicry: 

As a multidisciplinary design consultancy, we’ve always been inspired by the vision that interweaves science, technology, art and design together. Combining our insights and observations in the biotech and biomimicry, we produced a four-field framework to introduce nature-inspired strategies accompanied by a series of brainstorming exercises. They are Intro to Biomimicry, via Shape, Surface and Structure, Manufacturing, Self-Assembly and Self-Organisation, and the Bio-Cyber-Physical World. 

To familiarise the participant with the process of learning from nature. We started with an exercise of observing the functionality of our own hands. It’s often quite fascinating to see how the simple anatomical structure of our hands can afford such a great diversity of functions. We believe that the first step into biomimicry innovation is to attend to every tiny natural phenomenon and be curious about its mechanisms. Following the observation, we came up with several exercise modules, including analysing the surface and structure of fruit, redesigning a household object based on previous structural observations, and digital match-making services with a co-computing species. We provided a rich repository of methods, case studies, and hands-on practices that contextualise the knowledge we shared by combining exercises and keynote lectures. The workshop spanned biomimicry from structural innovation to self-organisation to bio-computation.

If you are interested in learning more about our work, please feel free to schedule a call with us to discuss your requirements.

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