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The state of nature-inspired innovation in the UK

The report is a 138MB epub file.  I am checking with Richard MacCowan on an epub reader that supports the full features of this document - I will add a comment when I hear back.


2021/12/20 - 15:55 innovation, nature-inspired, UK
Philosophy & Biomimicry

Developed by Dr. Manfred Drack, Universität Tübingen.

2021/05/30 - 11:55
"Biomimicry and Business" by Margo Farnsworth

Margo's book Biomimicry and Business: How Companies Are Using Nature's Strategies to Succeed was officially published on October 20th.  

Fashioned through storytelling, this book blends snapshots of five successful companies – Nike, Interface, Inc., PAX Scientific...

2020/10/22 - 16:32 biomimicry, business, Encycle, Interface, Nike, PAX, Sharklet
Biomimicry UK Resources

Richard MacCowan has been sending out a number of good articles via his mailing list - an archive is available at

2019/10/22 - 14:16 Biomimicry UK, circular economy, cities, climate change, food systems, systems
Think Biomimicry - Shift From Idea to Implementation

By Biomimicry Chicago's Rachel Hahs ... [who] explores how we can shift from just being excited about the ideas behind biomimicry, to implementing biomimicry in practice in whatever fields we work.

Her most recent post,...

2016/11/02 - 10:26 biomimicry, Biomimicry in the Built Environment, blog
Tapping into Nature: The Future of Energy, Innovation, and Business

This white paper provides an overview of "bioinspired innovation" (which includes both bioutilization and biomimicry) and explores how it can deliver disruptive innovation that "can increase revenues, reduce costs, and meet global needs" and "also increase their environmental, social, and...

2015/05/05 - 17:55 bioinspiration, biomimicry, bioutilization, economic potential, innovation, market readiness, Terrapin Bright Green
2015 Natural Systems Working Group Sessions at INCOSE

The presentations are posted to Dropbox at

2015/02/28 - 14:57 INCOSE, NSWG, systems engineering
Tutorial on Embodiment

In order to understand intelligent behavior in humans, animals, or machines, it is necessary to consider their embodiment and embedding. That is, "the behavior of any system is not merely the outcome of an internal control structure (such as the central...

2014/06/02 - 13:31 cognition, embodiment, intelligence
Biological Propulsion Laboratory (Caltech)

The Biological Propulsion Laboratory, directed by Professor John Dabiri, examines the mechanics and dynamics of biological propulsion, which is broadly defined to include the transport of fluid...

2014/05/17 - 15:28 Caltech, lab, propulsion
"Architecture Follows Nature" lecture focuses on biomimicry and collaborative research

An overview of the March 17th event in Los Angeles

Last Monday evening at the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles, architect Ilaria Mazzoleni and...

2014/04/10 - 23:14 architecture