Think Biomimicry - Shift From Idea to Implementation

By Biomimicry Chicago's Rachel Hahs ... [who] explores how we can shift from just being excited about the ideas behind biomimicry, to implementing biomimicry in practice in whatever fields we work.

Her most recent post, (Re)connecting with Nature, takes a look at how the first step to practicing biomimicry requires gaining the skills to slow down long enough to keenly observe the world around us with a curious and open mind - only then will we be able to truly learn from nature. Her previous posts touch on explaining what biomimicry is, how to use it, and how we think about it in the built environment.

The website also includes a comprehensive list of online biomimicry resources (please let us know if you have resources to add!), and periodically updated photography collections. Enjoy!

Biomimicry Institute/Global Network Blog

This blog is a celebration of biomimicry. It’s a space where we highlight the newest ideas and case studies from thought leaders in the biomimicry movement, share successes and challenges, and inspire innovators from all over the world to incorporate biomimicry into their work.

Where Can We Use Biologically Inspired Robots?

SK Gupta discusses the value of biologically inspired robots in terms of "useful tools to discuss and teach science and mathematics", practical applications such as exploring areas where traditional robots cannot cope and next generation prosthetics, as well as more speculative applications.  The challenge is identifying a clear need where bio-inspiration is critical and capable at delivering the solution.


This blog is authored by Biomimicry Fellows being trained as Biomimicry PhDs in the Integrated Bioscience PhD Program at the University of Akron (UA).  We started our exciting 5-year long journey on August 27th, 2012, and we’ve created this blog to share our thoughts and experiences as our cutting edge degree curriculum develops and the Biomimicry PhD gains notoriety.  In reading, we hope you will be drawn into the fascinating world of Biomimicry and share your ideas about directions our education could take.  Please offer yours suggestions, raise questions, and ignite discussions!

BioInspired Ink

Tamsin Woolley-Barker's blog is "A collection of observations, news, events, and views relating to Biomimicry and Bioinspiration.
Nature shows us how 3.8 billion years of evolution can inspire brilliant business innovation, efficient industrial design, eminently livable architecture, and intelligent organizational processes. Ask Nature!

Tamsin has "a doctorate in Evolutionary Primatology, and over 25 years of experience as a research geneticist, anthropology professor, writer, and media arts business owner."

Biomimetic Design

David Sanchez-Ruano is a "PhD researcher at the Centre for the Study of Natural Design (CSND) where is currently developing new methods to facilitate nature-based experiences and behaviour change through concepts as biophilia, biomimicry and resilience. He has a background in Industrial Design and has experience as teacher in the area of Biomimicry, Holistic thinking and Ecological design."

He has maintained an extensive blog since August 2008 on a wide range of categories:

Biomimicry Collaboration at the University of Guelph

University of Guelph PhD student Jamie Miller has created a website about biomimicry to increase interest within faculty and students.  Two workshops have been held, the most recent on March 31, 2012.

For additional information on Jamie's goals, see Biomimicry Learns From Nature's Designs in atGuelph.

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