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This blog is a celebration of biomimicry. It’s a space where we highlight the newest ideas and case studies from thought leaders in the biomimicry movement, share successes and challenges, and inspire innovators from all over the world to incorporate biomimicry into their work.

Inaugural posts:

Nine Reasons Why Applying Biomimicry to Built Environment Projects is a Win-Win-Win

Designers in the building industry are continually looking for new and innovative ways to create beautiful, livable spaces that are environmentally responsible and resilient. Increasingly, those on the leading edge are looking to nature as a source of inspiration. Here are nine examples of how applying biomimicry in the context of the built environment can help designers, projects, and communities as they work to create naturally sustainable, inherently resilient spaces.

Nature and Business: Developing a Sustainable Society Together

Biomimicry offers a strategic advantage in sustainable product design, research, and development. Organizations that study nature as a source of innovation have already transformed a wide array of industries. Leveraging biomimicry’s unique approach to research and design can ultimately lead to sustainable, profitable technologies that increase revenues, mitigate risk, and reduce costs.

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