RI3 Biomimesis: International, Interuniversity and Interinstitutional Network of Biomimesis Studies

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Welcome to the RI 3 BIOMIMESIS website, a space where you will find relevant content from an emerging group of experts in one of the most disruptive disciplines of the 21st century, Biomimicry.

Biomimicry Chicago: Deep Roots Initiative

Biomimicry Chicago’s Deep Roots Initiative seeks to catalyze a paradigm shift in the built environment in the Chicago region. Together with a diverse network of stakeholders, we aim to establish a science-based definition of sustainability for our region alongside an interactive tool of place-based nature-inspired solutions to empower the industry to measure impact, allocate resources and innovate to create a truly sustainable and resilient future.

Biomimicry UK

Biomimicry UK is as a collaborative platform to provide nature-based solutions to understand and solve the challenges we are facing in the 21st century.

What is unique to our approach?

Our goal is to enable the cross-fertilisation from industry to academia, to participate effectively in finding nature-based solutions to provide social, environmental and economic benefits whilst protecting the ecological backdrop of our planet.

We are drawing the iterative design processes found in nature (evolution) over billions of years to find innovative solutions. The focus is not just on the end result but by promoting the creative process, from initial challenge, through to the final concept.


This blog is authored by Biomimicry Fellows being trained as Biomimicry PhDs in the Integrated Bioscience PhD Program at the University of Akron (UA).  We started our exciting 5-year long journey on August 27th, 2012, and we’ve created this blog to share our thoughts and experiences as our cutting edge degree curriculum develops and the Biomimicry PhD gains notoriety.  In reading, we hope you will be drawn into the fascinating world of Biomimicry and share your ideas about directions our education could take.  Please offer yours suggestions, raise questions, and ignite discussions!

Biomimicry Chicago

Our Mission

learning from nature, cross-pollinating innovative ideas, inspiring locally attuned design, and accelerating the path to a more sustainable Chicago

About Us

  • Lindsay James, Director of Sustainability, Interface
  • Amy Coffman Phillips, Founder, The B-Collaborative
  • Colin Rohlfing, Sustainable Design Leader, Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum Inc.
  • Peter Nicholson, Executive Director, Foresight Design Initiative

Biomimicry Oregon

See also their Facebook page which contains additional and more dynamic content.


Inspiring innovation in Oregon by emulating nature’s genius.


Biomimicry Oregon seeds life-friendly innovation by inspiring people to put nature’s genius to work in organizations by:

  • connecting people from all sectors with biomimicry resources and each other,
  • increasing awareness of the value and practice of biomimicry, and;
  • catalyzing projects and celebrating successes.

Biomimicry Ontario

Biomimicry Ontario is:

A platform for anyone engaged in, or interested in sustainable, critical action inspired by nature.

This platform can be used to:

  • share ideas and inspiration
  • call for support and resources
  • educate and inform
  • create an engaged community through biomimicry

Great Lakes Biomimicry

Great Lakes Biomimicry was founded in July, 2010 and has developed a wide range of service partners in support of its mission to "use its creatively assembled and diverse group of partners to develop a place-based, living, learning laboratory system and culture, based on biomimicry, which is unique not only in the United States, but worldwide."  Five working groups have been formed:


Imagine a city mentored by nature's genius. We are a regional network of individuals from all industries, sectors and backgrounds, dedicated to creating and fostering a community of nature-inspired practice in the NY Metro region.


Creating and fostering a community of nature-inspired practice in the NY Metro region.


Nature's 3.8 billion years of wisdom is the greatest "natural resource" we have to tap into. Biomimicry NYC is a consortium of individuals from all backgrounds, industries and sectors working to connect those inspired by nature's principles, techniques and strategies, and to catalyze a community of practice in the NY Metropolitan region.

In addition to the Facebook page containing a large amount of material, there is also a webpage at that lists a wide range of Resources and local Events.

Bay Area Biomimicry Network

Based in one of the most innovative ecosystems on earth, the Bay Area Biomimicry Network is an active consortium of leaders in design, engineering, architecture, life science, communications, business, academia, and the public sector. We are evolving in collaboration with Biomimicry 3.8, The Biomimicry Institute, and a growing web of regional biomimicry networks.

Our Mission

Through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and joint initiatives, the network brings the technology of biology to life in the San Francisco region by studying and applying nature’s adaptive and resilient strategies to solve modern design challenges.

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