RI3 Biomimesis: International, Interuniversity and Interinstitutional Network of Biomimesis Studies

Translated from Spanish via Google.  Thanks to Dr. Manuel Quirós for the pointer.

Welcome to the RI 3 BIOMIMESIS website, a space where you will find relevant content from an emerging group of experts in one of the most disruptive disciplines of the 21st century, Biomimicry.

Currently, the inhabitants of planet Earth as a whole, we are going through a historical moment characterized by the transition from a geological era, Holocene, to another called Anthropocene, differentiated by the impacts that a single species, the human, has inflicted on the terrestrial system to planetary scale. 

This fact obliges us professionals of the XXI century, to search for alternative solutions for a change of course. The purpose of RI 3 BIOMIMESIS is to naturalize the world into culture by promoting the transfer of ideas, designs and strategies from biology, sustainable and regenerative by definition, to the design of human systems. Biology is the only sustainable technology we know of.

In addition, from RI 3 BIOMIMESIS we have the enormous differential privilege with respect to other groups, to have access and incorporate indigenous ancestral knowledge, to which you can also be a partner.

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