Biomimicry UK

Biomimicry UK is as a collaborative platform to provide nature-based solutions to understand and solve the challenges we are facing in the 21st century.

What is unique to our approach?

Our goal is to enable the cross-fertilisation from industry to academia, to participate effectively in finding nature-based solutions to provide social, environmental and economic benefits whilst protecting the ecological backdrop of our planet.

We are drawing the iterative design processes found in nature (evolution) over billions of years to find innovative solutions. The focus is not just on the end result but by promoting the creative process, from initial challenge, through to the final concept.

Our Mission

The mission of Biomimicry UK is to provide problem-solving techniques by looking through the lens of biology. Our business is about providing clients with unique solutions, whilst working to protect of our environment by working with communities to by creating symbiotic partnership between human and natural technologies.

We will identify potential collaborative partnerships and bio-inspired projects and make use of nature-based frameworks for understanding how challenges are defined, expressed and projected to then build these up through creative engagement with those we work within the same track and goal.

We engage researcher in a process of examining these dynamics and identifying where there can be common solutions and differentiated solutions and provide training and promote the projects.

Our key values are:

  • Creative-thinking by drawing upon inspiration taken from biology
  • Protect, promote and enhance the natural environment
  • Trust, transparency and honesty
  • Collaborative problem-solving across industries
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Nature-inspired Innovation Network

For 2017 we will be launching the Nature-inspired Innovation Network, to create an open forum for industry, investors and academia to foster partnerships and develop new innovations. You can find out more about the forum and sign up for more information here.

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