Biomimicry Oregon

See also their Facebook page which contains additional and more dynamic content.


Inspiring innovation in Oregon by emulating nature’s genius.


Biomimicry Oregon seeds life-friendly innovation by inspiring people to put nature’s genius to work in organizations by:

  • connecting people from all sectors with biomimicry resources and each other,
  • increasing awareness of the value and practice of biomimicry, and;
  • catalyzing projects and celebrating successes.

Core Values

  • Collaboration – We believe in the “power of we,” and operate in an inclusive, collaborative manner.
  • Transformation – To create a sustainable region, all sectors must transform to live within nature’s means. We focus on building awareness, education, and action.
  • Biomimicry – We believe biomimicry is a powerful framework for sustainability, using nature as measure, model and mentor.
  • Humility – We believe we have a lot to learn… from the natural world and each other.
  • Respect – We believe in the intrinsic value of all beings and treat one another and the natural world with respect.


  • Advance sustainable development by building partnerships founded on a bio-regional ethos.
  • Strengthen existing programs aimed at building environmental stewardship among citizens.
  • Offer new perspectives to environmental education and curriculum.
  • Build leadership and new levels of involvement from environmental fields.
  • Enhance and broaden academic research opportunities.
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salustri's picture

Considering how much (or,

Considering how much (or, rather, how little) material is on their website, it seems they've invested the lion's share of their time so far in developing their vision/etc.  Not that that's a bad thing, of course, but I went to their site all hopeful of finding amazing things there.  Clearly, they're still working on the content part of the site.

We seem to have taken a different approach, focusing more on actually trying to do things.  I don't know which way is best, but probably our way was best for us.

I don't recall us trying this - or if there's any interest in trying this - but perhaps if we scrounged up vision/mission/etc statements from a half dozen or so other (related) organizations - like this group in Oregon - it might stimulate us to come up with something "better" (however that's defined) for us too?

I can't get too much into this now, but this could be something I could help with over the summer....

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