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Tapping into Nature: The Future of Energy, Innovation, and Business

This white paper provides an overview of "bioinspired innovation" (which includes both bioutilization and biomimicry) and explores how it can deliver disruptive innovation that "can increase revenues, reduce costs, and meet global needs" and "also increase their environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) rating".  It includes an infographic organizing an extensive list of innovations by cross-sector topics (carbon, water, materials, energy conversion & storage, optics & photonics, thermo-regulation, fluid dynamics, data & computing, systems), market readiness and affected industries.  The online version is interactive and displays details of each innovation. 

After a report on the potential economic impact of bioinspired innovation prepared by the Fermanian Business & Economic Institute, the white paper explores selected innovations in each of the cross-sector topics mentioned above (online version links back to the infographic) and an extensive list of references.  The PDF includes a table that summarizes the information displayed within the interactive online infographic. 

In addition to exploring the wide range existing breakthrough biologically-inspired products, it also describes the vast, largely untapped market potential of a bioinspired approach to innovation.

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