The 2010 International Conference on Genetic and Evolutionary Methods

Mon, 2010/07/12 - Thu, 2010/07/15
Las Vegas, NV

"Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Genetic programming
  • Genetic algorithms
  • Hybrid genetic / memetic algorithms
  • Artificial life
  • Genetic benchmarks and software packages
  • Optimization methodologies
  • Swarm intelligence and optimization
  • Artificial immune systems
  • Evolutionary programming
  • Genetics-based machine learning
  • Adaptive behavior-based systems
  • Fuzzy systems and evolutionary computing
  • Biologically inspired systems
  • Evolutionary strategies
  • Combinatorial optimization problems
  • Ant colony optimization
  • Learning classifiers
  • Agent technologies
  • Parallel/distributed evolutionary algorithms
  • Evolvable hardware
  • Evolutionary scheduling
  • Search based strategies
  • Evolutionary multi-objective optimization
  • Prediction methods
  • Co-evolution
  • Novel methodologies
  • Robotics
  • Biological methods
  • Applications

Prospective authors are invited to submit their papers by uploading them to the evaluation web site.  Submissions must be uploaded by March 1, 2010 and they must be in either MS doc (but not docx) or pdf formats (about 5 to 7 pages - single space, font size of 10 to 12). All reasonable typesetting formats are acceptable (later, the authors of accepted papers will be asked to follow a particular typesetting format to prepare their final papers.)"

The conference will be held in Las Vegas as part of the WORLDCOMP 2010 event. Further information will be available when the website at is updated.

Thanks to A. M. G. Solo and the Biomimetics listserv for the pointer!

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