2013 Biomimicry Youth Challenge

The Biomimicry Youth Challenge (BYC) is an international design challenge for children from Pre-Kindergarten through High School. The Challenge asks educators to help children learn from nature how to create more sustainable designs.

The goal of the Biomimicry Youth Challenge is to provide a fun and transformative opportunity for teachers, parents/guardians, and students to learn about biomimicry. With that knowledge, they can explore the practice of biomimicry as both a design tool and a new way of viewing the natural and human-built worlds. The challenge is also designed to reconnect young people with the natural world around them.

Important Changes from Previous Years’ Challenges

In the past, the BYC has been held as a contest, with the Biomimicry 3.8 Institute judging entries and providing prizes. This year, we have eliminated the competition part and instead encourage educators, parents/guardians, nature centers, regional biomimicry networks, and others to use the wealth of materials we have available to help students do their biomimicry projects locally. These local Challenges may involve individuals or teams coming up with biomimetic designs, or could take shape as biomimicry-themed science fairs, exhibits, events, posters, or whatever works best for your students and setting.

Please remember to register for the BYC so that we can track participation and provide you updates. [Note: if you are already a BEN member, the form linked above won't work. Instead, send a message to our jon-michael [dot] deldin [at] biomimicry [dot] net (system administrator) and we'll add BYC registration to your profile.]

At the end of your Challenge, no matter when in 2013 that occurs, we encourage you to send us your best biomimicry projects to display on our website.

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