2016 Sponsorship of the Canadian ISO/TC 266 Mirror Committee

Fil Salustri and Norbert Hoeller attended the October 19-21, 2015 annual ISO/TC 266 meeting in Kyoto, Japan.  See The ISO/TC 266 Biomimetics Standard Initiative for an overview (9MB PDF, first published in Zygote Quarterly issue 10) and the Update on the 2015 Kyoto ISO/TC 266 Annual Meeting.  Norbert turned the trip into a vacation and paid his own expenses but we appreciate your help in covering Fil's travel and accommodation costs.

PayPal has been selected based on its security, extensive usage and multi-currency support.  PayPal supports payment using major credit cards, debit cards and bank accounts without revealing confidential information to the payment recipient.  You do not need to have a PayPal account if you are paying with a credit card.

Please consider a minimum sponsorship of $50.  You can request that your sponsorship be anonymous by expanding the Please indicate if you prefer anonymity box on the confirmation page and entering your instructions.  Note that we are not a registered charitable organisation and therefore cannot issue charitable donation receipts.

Thanks in advance from the Canadian mirror committee:

Mojtaba Ahmadi, Melina Angel, Edwin DeMont, Stephen Dewar, Marjan Eggermont, Carl Hastrich, Norbert Hoeller, Shoshanah Jacobs, Mark Kerbel, Philip Ling and Filippo Salustri

Terms & Conditions

  • Funds will be held in trust by Norbert Hoeller, chair of the Canadian ISO/TC 266 mirror committee and will only be disbursed upon presentation of expense receipts.  Mark Kerbel will also receive notification of all PayPal transactions and will audit the disbursements.
  • An account of funds received and disbursed will be provided to all sponsors.
  • Funds in excess of Fil Salustri's expenses will be retained to cover out-of-pocket expenses for Canadian ISO/TC 266 mirror committee initiatives.
  • No fees will be deducted from funds other than PayPal transaction and currency exchange charges.
  • No charitable donation receipt will be issued since the Canadian ISO/TC 266 mirror committee is not a registered charity.
  • Credit card charges or bank withdrawals will be from Canadian ISO/TC 266 Mirror Committee or SMCISOTC266, the official short form of the mirror committee.