2018 ISSS Conference: “Innovation and Optimization in Nature and Design”

Sun, 2018/07/22 - Fri, 2018/07/27
Corvallis, Oregon

The 2018 ISSS Conference will explore foundational discoveries about the nature of complex systems which are now arising from research in systems disciplines such as Systems Biology, Systems Medicine, Systems Psychology, Systems Economics, Complexity Science and General Systems Research.  

This will be a pivotal event in the emerging renaissance of the systems sciences, bringing together philosophers, scientists, engineers and practitioners from a wide spectrum of systems disciplines to explore common interests and challenges, learn from each other, align and consolidate progress, and gather inspiration and momentum for future work in the systems sciences. 

Over the last few decades many academic fields have developed systems specializations in order to investigate the systemic aspects of their subject areas, and in these areas there is a search for systems concepts and principles under such notions as design principles, organizing principles, channelling functions, and optimality principles.  This is important because the complexity of the systems we undertake to establish or curate is increasing without limit, and this is accompanied by rapidly rising costs and failure rates.  A Systems Science that explains the nature of complex systems has become an urgent need, as reflected in recent calls by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE). The 2018 Conference of the International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS) will bring together these specialised strands of work, laying foundations for establishing the profound systems science that would enable us to design and optimize for elegant functionality and enduring value at any level of complexity.

We are now inviting proposals for presentation of papers, posters and workshops about the conference theme specifically or in connection with the themes of the ISSS’s Systems Integration Groups (SIGs) and Exploratory Groups, which are described here.

Instructions for submitting proposal abstracts can be found here.  Deadlines for submission can be found here.  All abstracts will be subject to peer-review to assess the academic merit of the proposed presentation. Submission and registration for conference attendance does not guarantee acceptance of abstracts.  Full papers will be invited for accepted abstracts, and these will be published in the Proceedings of the ISSS.   

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