2nd International Workshop on Insect bio-inspired micro-technologies

Thu, 2019/11/21 - Fri, 2019/11/22
Grenoble, France

With millions of species, insects are in this respect a cornucopia for bioinspiration. The miniaturization of the nuts and bolts within insects, combined with speed and precision of control, is furthermore a marvel. Beyond their sheer number which implies a multitude of possible models, insects are thus an excellent source of bio-inspired designs because of their size, of the order of the millimeter, which matches in many ways the one of micro- and nano-technological systems. This often promotes system scale approach as a more sound method for the observer.

Following the highly successful workshop in Tours in 2017 (see https://intelligencedespatrimoines.fr/insect-bio-inspired-microtechnology/), we have again collated a series of speeches from international speakers which balances biology, physics and engineering. We believe these works and visions to be of the highest interest to microtechnologists, systems engineers and biologists.

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