agorà solari MIL | Milano - Italy

Costas Loucaides has posted information on his "... investigation project based in the city of Milan, around the Naviglii area. The experimental project follows from the thesis project in the fifth year of the degree, investigating the potentials of biomimetics in urban regeneration of modern, fast moving cities."

Some key points:

  • "By characterizing the area as a biological system, composed of smaller units synergistically working together, and finding similarities with identical ecosystems in Nature, the project evolved as if it were a seedling attempting to survive in an established forest."
  • "The project grows in direct response to its physical and environmental surroundings, and is only specific to its exact location. It aims to create local architecture, for local people, using systems of operation that are familiar to the occupants."
  • "The purpose of the Agora complex is to create a connection between the South Agricultural Park and theCity of Milan, by extending the network system of the agricultural areas and the capital of fashion and industry, interweaving these networks and boosting their activities, effectively creating symbiotic relationships. This symbiosis will, in time, be beneficial to both parts of the system and create a co-dependent state where one cannot be without the other."

Additional information from the project's genotype:

  • "... the buildings are designed on the exact boundaries of each site, and courtyard forms are subtracted to maximise the penetration of natural light. Solar orientation and anticipated use of each space further carved each block into a sculptural form, promoting the maximum use of natural light, air and views in and around each building."
  • "The biomimetic approach to this project was to attempt to create a new part of a forest within one that has already been established; an architectural forest.Light affects the form of each space, its growth and light use, and its alteration/adaptation over time as the space grows. This was important in the design process."
  • "Concentrating on the scale of a single space or floor, the internal environment is controlled by natural energies primarily and artificial energy is only used when it is absolutely required. An outer perforated leaf is used to control the amount of light entering each space according to its orientation and use.

Numerous diagrams are included.


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