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Marjan Eggermont, Tom McKeag and Norbert Hoeller will be launching a new publication patterned on the Journal of Computational Media Design.  The intent is to reach out to a wider audience and thereby attract a wider range of authors.  This will allow the BioInspired! newsletter to focus on BID Community projects.  The first issue of Zygote Quarterly is planned for March, 2012. 

The following announcement along with a card describing the journal and interview questions was recently sent to a selected list of leaders in the field.  Steven Vogel has submitted an article and we have received interview responses from Julian Vincent and Jay Baldwin.  If you are interested in contributing, please contact any one of the editors. 

Users registered on the BioInspired! website can download the journal brochure and the interview questions. 

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the start of a new and unique journal, “Zygote Quarterly”.  It will be published electronically four times a year and will contain the best insights that we can collect from people like you: pioneers, innovators, thinkers and doers in the exciting field of bio-inspired design.

We hope that it will become a venue for you to express your ideas, compare notes and communicate with your peers, and maybe learn a thing or two.  Our net will be cast wide and an issue will as likely contain an article about mimicking bacteria in an art medium as one about engineering a robotic arm. In our first issue Steven Vogel writes about good technical ideas that ultimately did not prove to be successful in the marketplace. We chose our name for a reason and we do intend to blend the gametes of art and science in every issue.

Will you join us?  Our first request is that you tell us about yourself in the enclosed survey.  This information is very important to us in two ways: it gives us a chance to know our field better and pass general trends on to our readers, and to know you better and follow up with interviews and articles about your work.

Please feel free to contact us with any of your questions and comments.  We look forward to traveling with you down this exciting path. We are looking for responses by January 15th for inclusion in our first issue.

We wish you a happy holiday season,

Marjan Eggermont
Norbert Hoeller
Tom McKeag

Editors Zygote Quarterly

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