Architecture 2018: Genius of Biome: Biomimicry Workshop

Fri, 2018/07/20
New York City, NY

Explore the biomimicry creative process in this exciting and interactive workshop. 

You’ll be part of facilitated, hands-on experience in which you’ll apply biological intelligence and methodologies from Genius of Biome research projects (including Temperate Broadleaf Forest and California Coast) to a brainstorming session. 

Teams will create adaptive, scalable strategies to address resilience and innovation in the built environment, with a goal of using projects for design explorations and to address problems we’ve only begun to consider. 

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Explore four design challenges, and discuss why they're relevant to the built environment and how their synergies can harness the efficiencies of natural systems.
  2. Design replicable strategies for the built environment using champion species that demonstrate a solution strategy tied to the ecosystem realities of the place.
  3. Sharpen your biomimicry brainstorming techniques and skills.
  4. Use biomimicry as a framework for team collaboration within, between, and across disciplines.
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