Atlantic Wonder - Exploring Nature & Design in Madeira Island

Sun, 2018/07/15 - Fri, 2018/07/20
Medeira, Portugal

The summer school is a six-day design-led workshop centred around interdisciplinary contributions of design theory and praxis. It aims to trigger learning, reflection, collaboration and to build nature inspired design methods and processes, drawing inspiration from the Madeira Island’s rich subtropical ecosystem.

The summer school is based on field work such as explorations through the island with the guidance of local experts in biology, natural science and bio agriculture. In addition the international designers, artists and thinkers will mentor participants in nature centered  design solutions. Visiting and experiencing various Madeira landscapes and environments, meeting local citizens, engaging in fruitful conversations will support the participants to reflect on Madeira, its present conditions, future risks, problems and potentialities. The summer school aims to build future scenarios as elements of conversation between experts and local stakeholders, such as communities, enterprises and institutions.

The objective is to:

  • Generate interdisciplinary dialogues around the theme “Design and Nature”, specifically learning from nature in terms of mechanisms, systems, impact on our modus operandi.
  • Learn through exploration, observation and reflection.
  • Learn process models emerging from collaborative interdisciplinary approaches to design.
  • Co-design sustainable solutions (new product-services, systems, new economies) for future sustainable scenarios specifically focused on Madeira island’s natural and social ecosystem.
  • Generate solutions around the macro-themes of living, working, educating, producing through the ‘Nature-Centered Design’ method.
  • Capitalize on the opportunity to initiate new collaborations and research projects with partner institutions and visiting guests.
  • Present the final outputs to local stakeholders and potential sponsors through an exhibition and seek local partners to develop the best ideas.
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