Biocene Tools Workshop 2019: Workshop on System Design Tools to Enable Nature-inspired Exploration for the Benefit of All

Mon, 2019/09/09 - Tue, 2019/09/10
NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH

We invite participants from academia, industry and government who currently use bio-inspired design (BID), wish to infuse bio-inspiration into their organizations or practitioners of AI, machine learning or data science to participate in the Biocene Tools Workshop 2019 with the objectives of

  • Understanding the landscape of biomimicry - challenges and resources available
  • Developing contacts and collaborators
  • Gaining an understanding of the vision and a sense of belonging
  • Developing a roadmap for the integration of biomimetic tools
  • Formulating goals to work toward for Biocene 2020

Some topics explored in the workshop include:

  • BID tools: Use cases and case studies
  • Key Perspectives
  • Designer aids / design tools
  • Interface designs
  • Repositories
  • AI/Data Mining
  • Cognitive tools / aids
  • Mindmaps
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