Bioinspiration & Biomimetics

This is a new journal published by the Institute of Physics.  Access is free until the end of 2006.  The first issue includes:

  • From feathers to fins: can we understand biological systems—and learn from them?  (R Allen)
  • Micro-optical artificial compound eyes  (J W Duparré and F C Wippermann)
  • Biomimetics—using nature to inspire human innovation  (Yoseph Bar-Cohen)
  • Cooperative optimal control: broadening the reach of bio-inspiration  (Cheng Shao and Dimitrios Hristu-Varsakelis)
  • Nucleation and growth of apatite by a self-assembled polycrystalline bioceramic  (Robert L Karlinsey, Keewook Yi and Clif W Duhn)
  • Four flippers or two? Tetrapodal swimming with an aquatic robot  (John H Long Jr, Joseph Schumacher, Nicholas Livingston and Mathieu Kemp)

The article by Yoseph Bar-Cohen is an excellent overview of his recent book.

Thanks to Nima Motamedi for the pointer.

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