Biomimicry: a Beacon of Light for Today's Innovative Educations

Fri, 2010/07/16
Front Conference Room, 200 BOCES Drive, Yorktown Heights, NY

"Looking for a way to get your students attention and get them thinking using 21st Century skills?  Ask them to explain the connection between a moth's eye and a cell phone screen or, the connection between the blue morpho butterfly and fabric. 

Through the 7-hour on-line course, teachers will learn what biomimicry is and how it contrasts with other biologically-related technologies; how biomimicry is a promising approach to technological innovation and sustainability; why students find the topic of biomimicry so compelling and relevant to their lives; as well as various approaches to teaching the subject to students.

During the 8-hour hands-on workshop participants will examine real-life technology case studies and participate in proven biomimicry teaching/learning exercises with a biomimcry education expert. Time will be given so that participants can, individually or
together, integrate the material presented into their existing curriculum."

The hands-on part of the workshop will be held in the P/NW BOCES Front Conference Room.  Download Biomimicry-20100716-flyer.

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