Biomimicry Chicago: Deep Roots Workshop

Fri, 2017/04/21
Chicago, IL

Biomimicry Chicago and our Deep Roots Initiative partners are looking to build on existing local and regional initiatives to comprehensively address our region’s sustainability and resiliency challenges. Through exploration of native ecosystem functions in a multi-disciplinary workshop setting, participants will uncover how viewing human approaches through a holistic, integrated ecosystem services lens at multiple scales can provide insight as to where current practices fall short, and where opportunity exists to develop innovative more robust, resilient solutions for the future.

Participants will have a chance to put these ideas into action through site observations, interactive lectures, and brainstorming activities using local case studies to reimagine the restorative and regenerative potential of our built environment.

For additional workshop details, visit our Deep Roots Workshop website.

Who should come?

The biomimicry innovation process thrives when diverse teams come together to solve a problem. We are therefore bringing together as diverse a group as possible - all perspectives are needed and valued! Architects, designers, engineers (civil, industrial...all kinds!), developers, municipal workers, biologists, landscape architects, students and educators, planners, economists, and more!

Deep Roots Speakers

Speakers who will lead the workshop include Biomimicry Chicago network leaders Amy Coffman Phillips and Rachel Hahs as well as Conservation Design forum's Jim Patchett and the Lurie Garden's Director Scott Stewart. The Deep Roots initiative is guided by industry leaders representing diverse experience including architecture, business, ecology and design, and we welcome all participants in bringing this initiative to work for the Chicago region.

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