Biomimicry design wins Sacyr Award on technological and environmental innovation


Madrid, 11 April 2014.- The award ceremony of the 4th edition of the Sacyr Innovation Awards was held yesterday, presided over by the Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation, Carmen Vela, and the Chairman of Sacyr, Manuel Manrique.

The awards included a 6,000-euro prize in each of the three categories, whose winners on this occasion were:

  • Rafael Aparicio Sánchez from Valencia, for the project "Harnessing of energy from the sea waves with a design that imitates the flamingo's beak", in the category Technological and Environmental Innovation.
  • The team of architects Langarita-Navarro from Madrid, for the adaptation project of the old Belgian Sawmills for the Medialab-Prado arts centre in the category Construction Project.
  • Métode magazine, for the monograph: "The Strength of the World. Energy in the Post-Industrial Age" in the category Technological and Economic Journalism

The Sacyr Innovation Awards, now celebrating their fourth edition, grant public recognition to those who, individually or collectively, carry out research and work on innovative, creative and pioneering projects, developments and ideas, broached as ambitious challenges in moving forward and building on knowledge.


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