Biomimicry Fellowships for students seeking the PhD






Call For Applications: PhD Fellowships in Biomimicry 2019

Are you interested in PhD training in Biomimicry? Would you like to help accelerate the growth of biomimicry as a tool for innovation in academia and industry?

We have 3 new sponsors for 5-year fellowships supporting PhD students to work at the university-industrial interface. Fellowships come with an annual stipend and a tuition scholarship allowing completion of the PhD.

Students with a Bachelor's or Master's degree in any field, including art and design, engineering, math, and science are encouraged to apply. We have 3 Fellowships available that are suited to applicants with backgrounds and/or interests in:

  • Advanced Structures, Materials and Manufacturing
  • Corrosion
  • Packaging
  • Adhesion
  • Biomedical Engineering and Device Design

See Biomimicry Fellowships at The University of Akron for more information.


Contact phn [at] uakron [dot] edu (subject: Biomimicry%20Fellowship%20Inquiry) (Peter H. Niewiarowski) (phn [at] uakron [dot] edu) or ekennedy [at] uakron [dot] edu (subject: Biomimicry%20Fellowship%20Inquiry) (Emily Kennedy) (ekennedy [at] uakron [dot] edu) to find out if a Biomimicry Fellowship is right for you.

For more information:

Biomimicry Research and Innovation Center

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