Is Biomimicry Futureproof?

Thu, 2019/08/01
Botanic Garden, Delft, The Netherlands

Saskia van den Muijsenberg is leading this workshop. See attachment for more details.

Last year Biomimicry 3.8 celebrated its 20 years anniversary. Next year we at biomimicryNL have our 10-year party. But is there really much to celebrate?

Some say biom* (an umbrella term for biomimicry, biomimetics, bio inspired design, etc.) is just wishful thinking and a path of creative marginality. Will biom* evolve to survive or just die as a short-lived hype of inspiration?

As input for the Biomimetic design SIG (Special Interest Group) workshop (during ICED2019), we organise a meetup to generate and share insights on using biom* in practice on the 1st of August.

Please join us and share YOUR story. How has biom* helped you deliver meaningful change? What has worked for you and where have you run into challenges? Help us complete the puzzle.

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