Biomimicry Germany

Our vision is to create a resilient, adaptive, and thriving economy inspired by nature’s best strategies and based on nature's best practices. Biomimicry means applying nature's wisdom as a guiding framework for a cultural shift towards sustainable living. We go beyond the mere opportunity for novel solutions. We are committed to a holistic ideation & development process that challenges and disrupts conservative approaches and successfully innovates and transforms our society sustainably.

We are a team of multi-disciplinary experts using Biomimicry as a creativity and innovation tool to create sustainable, tangible designs, products, projects, and organisation structures which are aligned with Life's Principles. As such we create novel solutions that are sustainable, more efficient and cost-effective thereby spearheading an entirely new direction. We focus on design principles that have been tested by Nature for billions of years and proven to be successful. We tap upon the huge potential of Nature's wisdom and solution space using the genius surrounding us.

As a team of Biomimicry Innovation Experts we foster development which is congruent with Life, which does not harm our environment, which leverages cooperative relationships, and allows everyone to strive by being perfectly adapted to the situational and local circumstances.

Our services include:

  • Public lectures
  • Workshops
  • Academic teaching & scientific training
  • Leadership and innovation training
  • Exhibitions & Science-meets-Art showcases
  • Network
  • Think & do tank
  • Creative Canvas
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