Biomimicry India: Biomimicry - Nature Integrated Thinking and Living

Fri, 2019/08/16 - Sun, 2019/08/18
Bangalone, India

The Biomimicry workshop will introduce participants to the amazing patterns, designs and solutions in nature and how to explore and learn from nature at various levels of product, process and systems. The participants will learn a method, tools and databases that are used in the application of Biomimicry that they can apply to create nature inspired solutions. Participants will also get to play learning games and go outside for nature walks along with expert naturalist to explore nature.

On successful completion of the workshop, the participants will be given a completion certificate. 

Various games & interactive activities are integrated in all session to understand deep concepts from nature. 

Team Biomimicry India & FACILITATORS 

  • Seema Anand Co-founder Biomimicry India and Biomimicry India Network
  • Prashant Dhawan Co-founder Biomimicry India and Biomimicry India Network
  • Sarath Champathi - Naturalist and Explorer
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