Biomimicry New England: Biomimicry & Resilience 4-Day Workshop

Sun, 2017/06/04 - Thu, 2017/06/08
Gloucester, MA

In this 4-day course, we’ll explore the foundations and practice using the tools of Biomimicry to solve resilience challenges. Your instructors will guide your discovery of life’s amazing strategies in local ecosystems and how these strategies can inspire solutions to human challenges. This course is designed for students and professionals who want to learn the core principles and practices of Biomimicry and how they relate to resilience.

Learning Objectives
Upon course completion, participants will be able to:

  • Work with Biomimicry tools related to sustainable urban development and biomimicry (tools include Biomimicry Thinking, Life’s Principles, Ecological Performance Standards, Living Building Challenge, Genius of Place)
  • Apply the biomimicry design approach to human design challenges, including but not limited to those related to resilience.
  • Ask new, meaningful questions of products and systems that highlight sustainability and resilience challenges.
  • Describe nature’s innovations through observations made in local ecosystems
  • Translate critical functions and strategies of organisms to applicable problems in architecture, engineering, product development, and urban planning.

Thanks to Tim McGee for the pointer!

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