Biomimicry Quebec

2014/09/06 website currently (moving to a new domain)

We are a network of people in Quebec being inspired by nature and bringing life’s genius into our professional work.

We are consolidating a base where different organizations (companies, research institutions, universities, NGO’s, government agencies) can exchange knowledge, learn from each other, create synergies, leverage cooperative relationships, be inspired and stimulate a thriving, sustainable development of biomimicry.

Benefits to Members of This Network

  • Meet three times a year to network (learn from each other, talks by guest speakers, interactive sessions to enhance personal/professional skills, etc.)
  • Have access to additional activities organized by Biomimicry Quebec and partners, including possible reductions.
  • Be informed about the latest developments in the field of biomimicry.
  • A network of support to develop ideas.

To be part of the network is to be empowered with life’s principles to evolve the way the world conducts business, designs buildings and products, runs governments, provides healthcare, and educates future generations. It is to go further sustainability to achieve regenerative design and to thrive.

The site is multi-lingual: English, French and Spanish (mouse over the 'Q').

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