Biomimicry SA: Imagine A World that Functions like a Forest

Fri, 2018/04/20 - Sun, 2018/04/22
KZN Midlands, South Africa

Explore an indigenous mist-belt Forest in the beautiful KZN Midlands - through the lens of Biomimicry. Learn (/deepen your learning of) biomimicry and apply it to the redesign of our world. Essentially covers the content of Biomimicry101 plus Genius of Place workshops.

FACILITATOR: Claire Janisch, Biomimicry Professional

CONTENT: This mini-expedition will cover the content of Biomimicry101, Genius of Place and iSites. You will spend most of your time outdoors, with some presentations and activities indoors. You will learn the basics of Biomimicry Thinking & Methodology and have an introduction to Life's Principles. You will explore case studies that illustrate how biomimicry can inform the redesign of our world. You will also apply biomimicry practically on a mini-design challenge. For anyone who has completed a Biomimicry101 before, this is an opportunity to learn further. We will provide you with activities that deepen your learning and experience of biomimicry in the field.

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