Biomimicry SA: Kruger National Park Biomimicry Immersion

Fri, 2019/10/25 - Wed, 2019/10/30
Skukuza, South Africa

This 6-day expedition takes you into the heart of the African bushveld for an African safari with a difference. Explore the genius of nature in the Kruger National Park, based in Skukuza. Be guided through the expedition by Biomimicry Professional, Claire Janisch, local expert guides from Nsasani Trust and a specialist biomimicry nature guide, Sam Chevalier. 


  • Explore the genius of the African bushveld through guided experiences and deep observation activities: including bushveld walks, as well as day and night game drives.
  • Guided by our professional biomimic and local field guides who will share their extraordinary knowledge from the practical to the profound
  • Learn from (rather than just about) local organisms and ecosystems
  • Learn and/or expand on the basics of biomimicry (systems) thinking and practice
  • Discover the implications of the deep patterns in nature from the micro to the macro
  • Work together to apply your creative imagination to relevant design challenges, translating your discoveries to the re-imagining of our world
  • Soak up the African bushveld while at the same time, being inspired by the hope and genius encapsulated in biomimicry


  • Anyone interested in exploring a magnificent wilderness and the genius of nature (guided by experienced biomimics, naturalists and local guides) in the African bushveld
  • Tourists of all ages wanting an understanding and deeper appreciation of nature’s web of life.
  • Individuals, designers, engineers, biologists, ecologists, architects, entrepreneurs, economists, organisations or businesses wanting to explore the genius of nature in depth to inspire innovation, creativity, a deep reconnection to the genius of nature or a deep appreciation of resilient, sustainable systems that nurture life.
  • Existing biomimicry practitioners, specialists, professionals, researchers educators or students who want to expand their practice and their experience of diverse ecosystems
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