Biomimicry UK: Urban Futures Workshop Scotland

Wed, 2018/06/06
Edinburg, UK

Facilitators: Shannon Royden-Turner, Prof Julian Vincent, Claire Janisch, Richard James MacCowan

Through a range of active learning approaches with talks, group work, workshops (and more!), you will learn about:

  1. how to go beyond a sustainable future;
  2. know where to best leverage change in a system for the greatest impact;
  3. design for resilience in urban infrastructure;
  4. build collaborations; and,
  5. integrate personal development and leadership for you and your team to work with inspiration every day.

You will collaborate, discuss and learn with an industry peer group, working together to propose the most sustainable outcomes for the project on the day.

Who is the workshop for?

Established companies and start-ups in the energy sector, construction, urban design, architecture, landscape architecture, civil engineering, project management and urban planning.

Architects, Designers, Engineers and Makers

Consultants, Business leaders and Strategists

Education professionals and Researchers

NGOs and professional associations

The training merges the best of biomimicry, circular economy, social collaboration and systems-thinking. It includes Purpose Driven Leadership processes to enable you to lead this kind of transformative change by connecting with your personal and corporate core values.


9 AM - 6 PM - Four interactive sessions with breakout sessions, followed by networking & drinks.

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