Bionics2Space Portal

This link includes access to two databases (username=guest, password=guestesa).

  • "The Bionics System Database is used to classify and search systems in the Nature of possible inspiration to space engineers in design space system. This database contains the key research work and literature in Bionics classified using the Technology Tree classification developed by the ESA ACT Biomimicry group and the System's Function classification developed by the University of Bath's Biomimicry group.
  • The Bionics Knowledge Map Database is used to classify and search world-wide people, teams, programs and projects working in the Bionics field."

The first database can be searched by keyword or by selecting items from pull-down menus.  You need to click on the Find button (hitting the Enter key does not appear to work).  Any search results are displayed at the bottom - click on the View button to see the details as well as the classification structure.

The second database uses a comparable search engine to find contacts.

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