BioTRIZ at Transition 2030

Wed, 2014/05/14 - Fri, 2014/05/16
City Hall, Place Henri IV, 60300 Senlis

Come discover and experiment on three days of biomimicry and fundamental theory BioTRIZ. TRIZ is a powerful support of the innovation process that has proven industry method. It has been adapted BioTRIZ by two researchers from the University of Bath in England, Olga and Nikolay Bogatyrev who worked for it with Professor Julian Vincent Drs. They built bridges between the biosphere and innovations possible new innovations in the technosphere.

Educational objectives:

  • Presentation of the fundamentals of biomimicry (bio inspired eco-design)
  • Principles of Systems Theory and presentation features of living systems
  • Introduction to the theory TRIZ (Theory of Fundamental Strategic Innovation) and its adaptation BioTRIZ.
  • Acquisition applicable to strategic analysis and prospective members in the industry
  • Better linkage between problem solving, governance R & D and facilitating the conversion of existing technologies in sustainable technologies.

Participants learn:

  • What biomimetics with examples of applications in different trades.
  • To define the analysis system (s) challenge (s) and address (their) context
  • Use the method to facilitate breakthrough innovations as incremental
  • To apply the method to meet the challenges of the business (product design, engineering, marketing, management, etc.).
  • Use duress as supports the innovation process
  • To use the method as a tool for prospective
  • To minimize design risk: find the fault before it happens.

The course includes:

  • Documentation in English and French
  • Coffees and refreshments
  • A BioTriz / CEEBIOS certificate
  • Depending on requirements, a possible translation of stakeholders from English to French.

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