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This section is intended for announcements and opportunities of particular interest to the BID Community as well as a broad range of ways in which members can help support the goals of the community. 

Postdoctoral Research Scientist Positions at CBID

Georgia Tech has positions open in both Science Education and Design Cognition as part of the 2 year, NSF funded project “Biologically !nspired Design: A novel interdisciplinary biology-engineering curriculum“.  


Alliances and Partnerships

The BID Community cannot ‘do it alone’ – we need to actively cultivate alliances and partnerships.  Community members are in an excellent position to make recommendations based on their unique knowledge and experience.  Please visit, post a comment and lend your support to what other members have posted using the rating system.  Ideally, we should be targeting alliances and memberships that not only benefit us, but where the BID Community can deliver reciprocal value.


Recommend a Book, Paper or Article

We are all chronically short of time and there is simply too much information.  If you find a book, paper or article that you found particularly insightful, post a new forum topic at Literature Exchange with pointers to the material and what you got out of it.  You can also post comments to material that other members have reviewed. 

Robin Rogers and Emer Natalio recommended that the BID Community sign up as an Amazon Associate.  The program pays 4% of any Amazon book purchases initiated through links from the website, at no additional cost to the purchaser. 


Community Conference Calls

Based on feedback from the ‘Forest Fractal’ conference call, we plan to schedule regular Skype conference calls in 2011.  Suggestions are welcome, or even better, volunteer to host a call by posting a comment to Future BID Community Conference Calls.


Collaborative Article Development

One of the challenges in publishing the BioInspired! newsletter is finding good articles in time to meet the quarterly publish date.  We will pilot a collaborative writing approach in 2011, posting ideas and drafts of articles early so that members can comment and contribute.  When the articles are fully developed, they will be scheduled for inclusion in the newsletter. Click on to see what is available.  Current articles include:

  • BID Methodologies
  • Commercializing Bio-Inspired Design
  • Biomimicry and Industrial Design
  • BID Community “Participation Dividend”

If you want to subscribe to a specific article, mouse over the Subscriptions button at the bottom and then select Subscribe to: This post.  You can also subscribe to all content of type NewStory to get notified of new and changed content of this type.

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