CEEBIOS: Biomim Expo

Fri, 2016/07/01 - Sat, 2016/07/02
Senlis, France

A two day event with keynotes, plenary sessions, workshops, pitches, roundtable session and exhibitions.  Although the website is French only, Google translation did a reasonable job on the program.  Kalina Raskin was interviewed for ​ZQ15 about the CEEBIOS intiative


Friday, July 1

9h-9h30 Welcome coffee

9.30-10 am Welcome speech by Pascale Loiseleur, Mayor of Senlis, causing the Ceebios

Introduction by

  • Ségolène Royal, Minister of Environment, Energy and Marine, in charge of international relations on the climate (subject) or Barbara Pompili, Secretary of State for biodiversity (to be confirmed)
  • and / or Gilles Boeuf, scientific advisor for life science and nature, the climate, the ocean to the Minister Segolene Royal; Professor at the Pierre and Marie Curie University; Adviser to David Bruno, President of the Natural History Museum

10 am-11am: Opening PLENARY

Biodiversity, inspiration and innovation to a new sustainable growth.

  • Gilles Boeuf, scientific advisor for life science and nature, the climate, the ocean to the Minister Segolene Royal;Professor at the Pierre and Marie Curie University; Adviser to David Bruno, President of the Natural History Museum
  • Philippe Vasseur, President CCI Nord de France, former Minister, founder of the World Forum Lille and co-initiator of the master plan Jeremy Rifkin of the third industrial revolution
  • Jacques Livage, member of the Academy of Sciences, professor at the College de France (Chemistry Chair of Condensed Matter)
  • Antonio Molina, president of Ceebios, president of Matikem cluster, president of the Mäder Group

11h-13h: 4 KEYNOTES

Biomimicry and Industry testimonials, innovations and announcements

  • L'Oréal explain how biomimicry is now integrated in the service of the Group's sustainable development objectives; and announce how the advanced search is inspired by the life for new generations of consumer products. With:

    • Lawrence Gilbert, Advanced Research International Development, Director;
    • Marc Leonard, Head of L'Oreal Research & Innovation, Environmental Research Department;
    • Francis Hemlock, Senior Research Associate.
  • Dassault Systèmes (3DS) explain when Biomimicry, digital and 3D combine to new bio-inspired production process, by:
    • Frédéric Vacher, Director of Innovation
    • Sébastien Rosel, Technical Director of 3DExperienceLab
  • Air Liquide will explain how and why the group is interested in biomimicry and new modes of research, and will present for the first time and in collaboration with the company Greenever, a status of bio-inspired production project of hydrogen. With:
    • Bernard Saulnier, International Fellow Expert Air Liquide
    • Adrijana Sehovac, I-Lab Air Liquide
    • Thierry Fradetal, Project Manager Bio H2 Greenever.
  • Eiffage will present for the first time an assessment of its soil mycoremediation of experimentation on the site Allar near Marseille, With:
    • Valérie David, Head of Sustainable Development Group

Workshops "biomimicry design thinking"

12h-13h - Workshop # 1 - Circulab workshop, to design business models regenerative. Synthesize a business model across the board Circulab - Identify and logical flow for virtuous business model - Generate positive impacts through the circular economy. - Find potential new circular to existing business model Hosted by Wiithaa with Nicolas Buttin Brieuc and Saffré

14.30-15.30 - Workshop # 2 - Design of Transition, the platform to identify the issues, both in providing innovative solutions for the transition into the teaching establishment to get there, with a focus on the topic Bio- Marine inspiration.Driven by Enzyme & Co, with Guillian Graves, Mishka Melo, Chloe Lequette.

Pre-registration workshops (for workshops only - to register for the event, is here )

13h-14h Lunch on the Grass - around food trucks to bio friendly formulas and reasonable prices :-)

14h-15h30 Pitches & ROUND TABLES (session # 1 and # 2 in parallel)

Session # 1 energy, materials, chemistry, health: how bio-inspired innovations are moving from research to market.

  • Saint-Gobain Isover: Maria Fabra Puchol present a "manual" biomimicry for industrial research and its ongoing work with the National Museum of Natural History.
  • Hemarina Franck Zal present his research in biotechnology to develop universal oxygen carriers and inspired revolutionary marine worms.
  • NewWind explain the biomimetic approach and collaborative research with fashion design led to the tree by wind, urban wind innovative, Jérôme Michaud-Larivière, President
  • EEL Energy: Jean-Baptiste Drevet (President) present the results of experimentation being hydrokinetic to undulating membrane.
  • Elba petro-Laurent Bedel (CEO) will present its bio-inspired invention of evaporation reduction of chemicals

Session # 2 Architecture, urban planning, agriculture: how our buildings and cities of tomorrow are redesigned with, for and by the living.

  • Interface: Laure Rondeau Desroches present biophilique approach the design in the design of workspaces and how the integration of nature in all its dimensions, affects the welfare of employees.
  • Eiffage: Iswann Ali Benali talk about the city of tomorrow, as imagined by the Sustainable Development and the team prospectively.
  • In Situ Architecture / Laboratory Reproduction and Development Plant (RDP): Nicolas Thélot Vernoux-certified architect and Téva Vernoux plant biology researcher speak of tropical architecture, a transversal approach between architecture and plant morphology that favors a contextual and environmental thinking.
  • Topager: Nicolas Bel talk "urban agriculture and ecosystems biomimicry"
  • Future Farms: Maxime Rostolan introduce the concept of "future of farms", particularly on the example of experimental microferme of Montlouis-sur-Loire in Touraine

Pitches & 15h45-17h15 ROUNDTABLE (Sessions # 3 and # 4 in parallel)

Session # 3 When the search imagine the world of tomorrow ... on the basis of it

Sharing of experiences and expertise between 4 atypical researchers in the fields of energy, materials, robotics, ...

Hosted by Kalina Raskin, director of development of Ceebios


  • Christophe Goupil - Biomimicry uses: energy efficiency or performance. Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Energy of Tomorrow, UMR 8236 LIED, University Paris Diderot.
  • Sylvain Deville - Synthesis Laboratory and functionalization of ceramics (LSFC), CNRS / Saint-Gobain, Cavaillon
  • Stéphane Viollet - CNRS Research Director - Team Leader Biorobotics - UMR 7287 Institute of Movement Sciences - Marseille
  • Christophe Egles, PhD. Professor, CNRS UMR 7338: BioMechanic and Bioengineering (BMBI) - University of Technology of Compiègne (France) / Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Boston (USA).
  • Arnaud Antkowiak, UPMC lecturer; Researcher at the Institut Jean Le Rond d'Alembert (CNRS-UPMC); FCIH member of the team complex fluids and hydrodynamic instabilities; we will talk about their exceptional discovery related to the elasticity of the son of spiders (published May 2016)

Session # 4 Learn Biomimicry: a new generation of curricula in response to a new generation of applications


  • Desirable Future Institute, Jean-Luc Verreaux (General Delegate) will include the new range of training developed with and for the Ceebios.
  • Nancy Mines - Franck Cleymand (r esearch activity: Institut Jean Lamour, UMR 7198 CNRS-University of Lorraine, Department "Nanomaterials, Electronics And Alive" Team "DOLPHIN-nanomaterials for life and responsible development")
  • Les Ateliers - Guillian Graves, designer / teacher, program manager "design + biology"
  • Sup'Biotech - Olivier Girinsky - Projects & Innovation Officer
  • Transition 2030 - Karim Lapp share experience feedback on the training cycle "Archicirculaire" biomimicry in architecture and urban planning meet the challenges of ecological transition.

17h30-18h30 PLENARY Closing

How to ensure that biomimicry ALSO benefits to biodiversity?

Hosted by Emmanuel Delannoy, Director of Inspire,


  • Lecointre, professor at the National Museum of Natural History (which he is a member of the board and adviser to the president); systematic researcher, director of "Systematics and Evolution."
  • Jean-François Silvain, President of the Foundation for Research on Biodiversity (FRB)
  • Gauthier Chapelle, a researcher in (ground) dependent, co-founder of Biomimicry Europa and Greenloop, author of "The living as a model"
  • Audrey Coreau (French Agency for Biodiversity)
  • Sylvie Bénard, Director of LVMH Environment
  • Christian Beranger, Director of Sustainable Development of France CEMEX Group

19h country Aperitif

7:30 p.m. friendly dinner (by reservation)

21h Film Screenings

10:30 p.m. End of the day and check out at 23h shuttle to Paris Porte Maillot (reservation required)

Saturday, July 2

10 am-11am CONFERENCE   Ceebios missions and news / trends of biomimicry. Kalina Raskin present theCeebios (missions, goals, organizational structure, work), and deliver this occasion an international benchmark on networks, resources and issues of biomimicry.

11 am-12pm - WORKSHOP # 1 - biomimicards, learn from nature to design products and services. (fun and educational workshop for children and adults). Hosted by Wiithaa with Nicolas Buttin Brieuc and Saffré

11 am-12pm WORKSHOP # 2 - Walk biomimetic Rediscovering the great nature around us, in the Ceebios the park, with Tarik Chekchak, Secretary General of the French Committee of Biomimicry Europa..

11 am-12pm   Guided and commented TOUR Ordener the area (location of Ceebios)

Pre-registration workshops (for workshops only - to register for the event, is here )


12h-13h CONFERENCE Biomimicry. Reconciliation between Biosphere and Technosphere Tarik Chekchak,Secretary General of the French Committee of Biomimicry Europa, show through a wide range of amazing examples how nature is the realm of performance and excellence.

13h-2:30 p.m. Lunch / private meetings - around food trucks to bio friendly formulas and reasonable prices :-)

14h30-15h15 CONFERENCE barrel price, bio-sourced chemistry and bio-inspired. War of the Worlds and modelsGronier Daniel (Association Chemistry Of Plant) will deliver a geostrategic analysis: "Is the price per barrel now deciding the future of plant chemistry? "

15.30-16.30 PLENARY Oceans closing and biodiversity: endless source of inspiration and new growth levers: Is the Sea the future of the Earth?


  • . Jacques Rougerie Foundation with visionary Jacques Rougerie Architect Jacques Rougerie talk about his two passions, the sea and architecture, his research and achievements based on a bionic architecture taking into account sustainable dudéveloppement, particularly its flagship project: SeaOrbiter.
  • Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute: Patricia Ricard will deliver a summary of the EESC report which she was rapporteur, and his views on biomimicry and marine environments.
  • Explore (Roland Jourdain Fund) will explain its actions in terms of development and support of projects that use science, innovation and education to meet the environmental challenges (COMBIOS, composite materials; UNDER THE POLE, polar expeditions; NOMAD THE SEAS , collaborative expedition for frugal innovation) ...Emmanuel Poisson
  • Plankton Planet, with Colin Sebastian, microscopy engineer, also a member of the expedition TARA Oceans
  • Cousteau, Tarik Chekchak, Director of Science and Environment, will share his experience and lessons he draws expeditions he leads worldwide.
  • ASI Innovations, Giacomo Bersano will present "The Flota Project", an innovative energy generation system based photovoltaic sea H2020 awarded by a European project.

- Continuous Friday and Saturday -


  • Exhibition on biomimicry (in partnership with Biomimicry Europa and Desirable Future Institute)
  • Film screenings ( "Nature = Future," a co-production La Belle Production Company, Universcience, National Museum of Natural History, Inserm, CNRS, City of Senlis, France TV Education, Away to Wake up productions)
  • Photo Exhibitions
    • Sabine Bernert (series of pictures of animals on "looks")
    • Gilles Mermet (Amazonian insects and beetles)
  • Stands of companies, startups, schools / universities
  • Pitches students (universities, schools of engineering, design, fine)
  • Space documentation self service (video, presentation brochures actors biomimicry, notes and reports)
  • Ephemeral bookstore with St. Peter's bookstore (selected items)
  • Author signings
    • Gauthier Chapelle: "The living as a model" (Albin Michel)
    • Sabine Bernert "Géniale Nature - Biomimicry" (Odyssey Editions)
  • Meeting rooms / appointments / contacts walls spaces
  • TV Stage for shows and interviews (in partnership with Up Magazine)
  • Animations and experiments with Labio, the Associative Laboratory Bio-mimicry installed Ceebios

Program subject to adjustments - some speakers to be confirmed

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