CEEBOIS: 3rd Annual Biomimexpo 2018

Thu, 2018/06/28 - Fri, 2018/06/29
Senlis, France

A trade show and an exhibition dedicated to the development of Biomimicry

Biomim’expo is the new relevant meeting that brings together public, private actors and stakeholders around biomimicry, a new approach that is rapidly developing and that looks to nature and natural systems for inspiration in order to seek sustainable and innovative solutions to human challenges. Above all, Biomim’expo is an occasion to show and demonstrate the tremendous potential of biomimicry in all fields of activity, and to highlight those who do, and what they do.

It voluntarily addresses itself to a varied public, in order to break barriers and to become a place of high multiculturalism and exchange as accelerators of innovation. Scientists, researchers, teachers, students, engineers, biologists, urban planners, architects, politicians, chemists, entrepreneurs, financiers. And also larger groups such as universities, research centers, startups, schools, local authorities, etc. Biomim’expo offers for the first time to this diverse ecosystem a place of inspiration and an opportunity to meet and exchange through multiple showrooms, exhibitions, conferences, debates, workshops and animations.

The event is the result of an initiative launched by NewCorp Conseil (an events and institutional communication consulting firm specialized on societal challenges) founded by Alain Renaudin, and in cooperation with CEEBIOS (Centre Européen d’Excellence en Biomimétisme de Senlis), represented by Kalina Raskin.

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