Centre for Marine Bio-Innovation, University of New South Wales

The Centre for Marine Bio-Innovation (CMB) was established in November 1994 as the result of the merging of the research programs of the Directors, Staffan Kjelleberg and Peter Steinberg. From this initial collaboration based on the integration of marine chemical ecology and microbiology, the CMB has grown to include a diversity of research capabilities, with application to a number of industries.

The CMB is an international focal point for interdisciplinary basic and applied research into chemically mediated interactions between organisms. The research platforms of the Centre are based on understanding, in a mechanistic fashion, how chemical signals mediate the ecology, physiology and molecular biology of organisms, and the subsequent application of this knowledge to novel biotechnologies across environmental, industrial and medical settings.

The CMB integrates research across microbiology, marine chemical ecology, ecological theory, chemistry, and organism and community genomics, made possible through the Centre organisation and collaboration between its home Schools of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences, and Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, and the School of Chemistry. The CMB drives research excellence in studies of microbial biofilms, bacteria-higher organism interactions, colonization biology of marine sessile organisms, experimental marine ecology, biofouling, biodiversity, bioremediation and inter-kingdom signalling.

The CMB has more than 50 full time members, comprised of research fellows, postdocs, postgraduate and honours students, and research assistants. A number of collaboration in Australia and overseas contribute to the high standard and international profile of the Centre which routinely welcomes visiting researchers from around the world. Since its creation, the Centre has attracted funding from a variety of sources both within and outside Australia. It includes success in competitive grants, notably the ARC but also from international bodies. It has also received considerable support from relevant industry sources. There is a strong record of Honours and Postgraduate student supervision. More than 320 publications and 21 successful patents have arisen from work done in the Centre in its 15 years of existence.

More more information please download our latest annual report using the link below.

Click on this link for the latest CMB Annual Report

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