Cocktail Party Physics: Biomimicry

This 'slice' of a much larger weblog currently has posts on:

  • research into traffic and the relationship to swarm (ant) intelligence
  • research on echolocation and 'seeing' with sound
  • robotics, with a discussion of RunBot that uses few sensors, simple control programs that learn and the inertia of the mechanical parts
  • Chagas' disease, various methods of fighting the T. cruzi parasite and some of the implications of research into genetically modified bacteria
  • retinal transplants and the role of the Photosynthesis I reaction center in spinach leaves
  • the runner Pistorius, his Cheetahs and other prosthetic limbs
  • photonic crystals, opals and nacre
  • fermentation, conversion of biomass to energy and the Eastgate Building
  • more on photonic crystals and butterfly wings
  • snails, robots based on snails and jellyfish, and microfluidic "bubble logic"

Each post is a detailed exploration of the subject and includes numerous links.  Kudos to the contributors!

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