Contact lens coating

Various proof of concept products developed based on using 'signal blockers' to prevent bacteria from forming biofilms.  Biofilms can be resistant to antibiotics, can trigger virulence in the bacteria and are generally difficult to remove.  Page 6 of provides some background information.

There was a spin-off formed with Peter Hawken in 2008 ( but it appears this wa not completed (  There are suggestions that Gunter Pauli was a director of BioSignal.  Ciba stopped testing BioSignal coatings for PVC in August 2008 ( - although coatings were effective, manufacturing proved to be challenging.  Work with ConocoPhillips on controlling biofilms in pipelines was continuing (press release not archived by the WayBackMachine).  BioSignal appears to have needed additional capital in 2009.  Funding was obtained in May and new directors were appointed - at the time, Dr. Peter Steinberg was still involved with BioSignal.

Sometime between July 2008 ( and September 2008 ( the website started showing the BioSignal logo and also RGM Media.  According to the list of announcements ( RGM Limited was listed in August 2010 on the Australian Stock Exchange as a media/entertainment company.  By February 2011 (, the website had no mention of the earlier work of BioSignal.

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