Creating Content


Most content allows authorized users to create comments using the Add new comment link at the bottom of the document.  Users can label the comment using the Subject line, which defaults to the first few words in the body of the comment. 

In addition to attached comments to the main document or post, it is also possible to comment on another comment using the Reply link at the bottom of the comment.  This creates a nested hierarchy of comments

Forum Topics

Forums are organized by forum containers (displayed in the Forums index) and forum topics or discussion threads.  Authorized users can create new forum topics using the Post new Forum topic near the upper left of the content area.   Specify the correct forum container if requested.

Rich-Text Editing

The website provides a rich-test WYSIWYG editor.  The basic controls include:

  • a limited number of styles
  • bold and italic formatting
  • ordered and unordered lists
  • creating and breaking links
  • inserting images

Image handling will be going through changes shortly, at which point documentation will be developed.  Contact the website administrator if you need to upload images.


When creating content, authors can add tags.  Authors and other authorized users can also add tags without having to edit the content using the My tags: box below the content.  The website will display hints as keywords are typed, to encourage re-use of existing tags where appropriate.  When the tags have been added, they will display in the My tags: list.  Moving the mouse over the list allows users to delete their own tags.  When the document is refreshed, the tags will be added to the All tags: list.

Note: At this time, forum content cannot be tagged - this capability is under investigation.


Most content has a Fivestar widget at the bottom of the document.  By default, it displays the average rating from users.  Authorized users will see their rating if set, and can rate the content by clicking on the appropriate star.