December 2003: "This Year's Reflections on Thanksgiving"

Author: David Eisenberg (Director Development Center for Appropriate Technology)

David shares with us his personal feelings about the challenges of continuing to move forward for extended periods of time in the face of overwhelming need, persistent challenges and apparent apathy from the larger community. Jonathon Porritt "...said we must deny denial without allowing that to disable us." David proposes "...standing up every day and saying no to greed, saying no to those whose power is based in fear, who insist that it is 'us' versus 'them' ... only by standing together against that fear-mongering can we have any hope of leaving anything worthwhile to any of our children anywhere on this little planet." We have to go out, engage and influence those who can make a difference, but at the same time "...remember also to get together regularly for choir practice, to learn our parts, harmonize our voices, remember we aren't alone."

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