December 21/2020 Update and Seasons Greetings!

"May you live in interesting times" rather sums up 2020.  It has been and still is a roller-coaster ride, due to a speck of genetic material that does not satisfy the basic requirements for 'being alive'.  The good news is that we are adapting, and hopefully will invest in becoming more resilient in the future.

In spite of covid-19, we are making progress.  The "Industry Expectations" team has met regularly via Zoom to figure out how we can bridge what business/industry is looking for and what biom* can deliver.  One of the focus areas next year is an end-to-end look at biom*:

  • Where is the finish line? What unique and compelling value can biom* deliver, and how will we know?
  • How do we get there?  What tools/methods/processes help deliver meaningful solutions in a reliable and scalable manner?
  • Where are we starting from?  Where and what are the valuable insights that natural systems can provide?

Once we figure out what the questions are, we will engage the BID Community to look for answers.

Best Wishes for the Holidays!

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